8 Unique and Sustainable Wildlife Experiences in Belize

8 Unique and Sustainable Wildlife Experiences in Belize

While Belize is known for several things, many remark upon its reef and abundance of animal life. Fortunately, travelers can experience both of these things simultaneously. Provided below are a solid eight examples of sustainable wildlife encounters on the land and in the water.

1. The Belize Zoo.

belize zoo

“The World’s Best Little Zoo” offers a program to physically interact with rehabilitated creatures. Guests can also feed tapirs and look at jaguars.

2. Community Baboon Sanctuary.

community baboon sanctuary

This 20-square-mile free zone is actually known for its howler monkeys. Over 2,000 black howler monkeys have called this place home.

3. Shark Ray Alley and Marine Reserve.

Visiting the Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Ambergris Caye

This spot, located 15 minutes from Ambergris Caye, is a haven for nurse sharks and stingrays. Guests can take guided swimming tours that bring them close to many of these amazing creatures.

4. Manatee Tour.

belize manatees

Belize is home to the most manatees in the area, with many of the creatures favoring Belize’s rivers. Because manatees are considered endangered, tours have transitioned to minimize the speeding of boats in known feeding areas of these creatures. While a bit of a waiting game, the moments when these creature pop up for air can be amazing. Some lucky tours may even encounter manatees curious enough to swim up near their boats.

5. Scarlet Macaws.

scarlet macaws in belize

Scarlet Macaws are just one of the many gorgeous species of birds in Belize, you do not need to be a hobbyist to treasure them. Scarlet Macaws are also notable for their rarity, with Red Bank Village in Southern Belize being a favorite roosting spot for many of them.

6. Gladden Spit Marine Reserve.

belize whale sharks

Whale sharks are the largest fish on the planet and can be seen between the months of March and June. A fair number of tourists plan their trips to Belize around whale shark season and many of them include a stop by Gladden Spit Marine Reserve off the coast of the Placencia Peninsula. This is because the reserve is a known spot for whale shark sightings. The only thing more amazing than these creature’s size is their gentle nature.

7. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.

cockscomb basin wildlife sanctuary

This sanctuary is the only known jaguar reserve on the planet. While these big cats are a beauty to witness, the waterfalls and rainforest are nothing to ignore.

8. Croc Night Safari.

belize crocodiles

The Orange Walk district offers nocturnal crocodile safaris. These tours involve spotting crocodiles along riverbanks and guests can even help tag the young ones. San Pedro is home to the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary, a charity dedicated to protecting and conserving these animals.

While you will probably need to do much planning to do all these things in one trip, things are different if you are a local. Belize has a vibrant expat community, with Ambergris Caye as one of the most prominent expat spot in the country. If that sounds like perfect to you, know that Salt Life Belize is one of the best communities for anyone seeking a new residence, a getaway spot or a retirement home.

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