Why you should buy Belize real estate in Ambergris Caye

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in close proximity to celebrities? Whether your heroes are TV, movie or sports icons, you could run into them if you make Ambergris Caye and San Pedro your home.

Belize is famous for giving celebs space they need to vacation minus all of the drama that dogs their lives back home. That’s why the likes of Harry Osborn, Tiger Woods, James Franco, Leonardo DiCaprio, Drew Carey, Charlize Theron and legendary director Frances Ford Coppola have either made Belize their favorite holiday spot or bought real estate in this popular Caribbean nation. Want to join them? We’ll tell you how.

Now, you can be a member of this exclusive society 

The aforementioned celebs always seek out the very best in real estate when they invest, and you would be wise to follow in their designer shoes! There’s a new kid in town that has begun to earn near-celebrity status on its own: Salt Live Belize (https://www.saltlifebelize.com/), a community that’s fast attracting investors who are following their own solid investment stars.

English speakers? You bet. Though the nation is a melting pot of fascinating cultures, you can thank the Brits for contributing a language and legal system before Belize finally gained its independence. And it’s no secret that Ambergris Caye has always been a jewel in the nation’s crown. That’s why Salt Life Belize is fast becoming the epicenter of “American ingenuity” with a Caribbean vibe. Sound idyllic? It is.

Why Ambergris Caye? Because “Forbes” says so

When profiling the cheapest places to live in 2018, Ambergris Caye took a top spot on the publication’s hot list. San Pedro Town has become the most desirable town on the island, which is why Salt Life Belize was built there. It’s a small town with big ambitions and plenty of ex-pats are settling there and leaving stressful lives behind.

Wonder whether you can afford to live At Salt Life Belize in San Pedro? How does $175k sound? That’s the starting price for studio, one- and two-bedroom condos and these roomy units (up to 1,025 square feet) come with balconies overlooking the water. Early pricing deals are inviting investors from around the world to see what this community offers, which is why phases two and three (1500 square foot two-bedroom townhomes with over-water balconies and access to boat docks) are ahead of schedule!

Phase One: Ready for occupancy

Ambergris Caye was chosen by the American developer who built Salt Life Belize from the ground up because real estate values are solid, the community is designed to be an all-encompassing village that not only offers imaginative luxury homes that are nearly ready for occupation (Phase 1 opens in 2020), but it gives investors and residents close proximity to the natural wonders Belize visitors seek.

Once the last of the Salt Life Belize community is fleshed out across this 50-acre parcel of land, investors gain access to a full service resort, fly fishing lodge, beach club, restaurants, bars and more. All the comforts of home? Would you expect anything less from a U.S. developer who admits to being fastidious about detail and quality construction?

Pictures tell the story

Like all great movies, seeing a film far outweighs hearing about it from friends or reading professional reviews, thus visiting this page gives you specific information about your investment options now that phase 1 is about to open in early 2020: https://www.saltlifebelize.com/our-project-1.

Like what you see? Of course you do. And the folks at Salt Life Belize are so excited about their project, they are offering affordable 3-day Salt Life Belize fact-finding trips. Reservations are limited and slots are filling fast. What are you waiting for? Write the perfect ending to your life story at sales@saltlifebelize.com!  

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