Why Americans and Canadians are retiring in Belize

Why Americans and Canadians are retiring in Belize

Americans and Canadians have discovered that Belize is the perfect place to retire. In fact, there are now 20,000 expatriates who call Belize their home. There are many reasons for this.

Belize was a former British colony

This confers many advantages. Belizean law is based on British Common law, just like the legal systems in the US and Canada, and English is the official language.

Paperwork and legal documents are easy to understand as they are in English. So are street signs and menus. You’ll be able to dine, shop, ask for directions and chat with locals without needing to constantly refer to a language app.

Affordable Living

Would you like to live on the beach? This dream is possible for many North Americans who move to Belize. Places just a short walk from the beach are even more affordable.

The cost of many other necessities is also lower. Medical care, property taxes, fresh produce, seafood and hired help are all less expensive. Two items that are not – gasoline and imported food. However, ex-pats who settle in Ambergris Caye, which is one of the more popular destinations, find they don’t need a car. And with local flavors so healthy and delicious, retirees find it easy to limit their food imports.

Belize also has the most economic, fastest and reliable internet service in Central America and its 4G LTE network provides the fastest mobile service in the region.

Qualified Retirement Person Program

If you are age 45 or older, you may qualify for this program, which is considered one of the best in the world. If you qualify, all your income earned outside Belize will be tax exempt and you will be able to bring personal belongings, including vehicles, to your new home without paying import duties.

Attractions and Activities

Belize is rich in culture, has a diverse ecosystem and contains archeological wonders. Whether you want to hike ancient Mayan ruins, take part in ecotourism or simply relax on a sandy beach, you can find your niche here. If you like water sports, there are opportunities to snorkel or dive in the world’s second largest barrier reef.

Close to North America

Flights from the United States to Belize can take less than 3 hours. This makes it easy to visit relatives back home as well as having them come visit you.

Salt Life Belize

Salt Life Belize will be one of the best places to retire in Belize. Conveniently located on Ambergris Caye, it puts you in the heart of “La Isla Bonita”. You’ll be able to stroll into San Pedro to check out your favorite shops, bars and restaurants or stroll to the private beaches that will be part of the community. Salt Life Belize will offer a variety of property options for every lifestyle. Construction has begun on an exclusive beach club open to residents that will provide tours and other activities. At Salt Life Belize you’ll have all the modern amenities as well as the relaxed, vibrant lifestyle you crave.

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