What You Need To Know About Coming To Belize Starting Aug 15

What You Need To Know About Coming To Belize Starting Aug 15

Belize’s Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE) will reopen on August 15th. As Belize’s initial port of entry, several adjustments have been made for safety. Note that terrestrial borders remain closed until further notice.

These adjustments began back in June, with plans to broaden waiting lists and section off the airport so make entry into the country as effortless as possible upon entry. Just like any airport, expect longer wait times due to new COVID-19-inspired screening measures. Social distancing will also be marked; the airport has over 650 markers throughout the site to help passengers abide by health protocols.

The Passenger Flow Process

Belize’s Tourism Board introduced this new approach for the the airport that covers ever step that travellers must take between disembarking the plane and leaving the country.

Before Traveling

  • Book approved accommodations.
  • Register on Health App.
  • Take a PCR test within 72 hours.
  • Follow all protocols of airlines and airport of original city.


  • Disembark and proceed to screening.
  • Sanitize shoes and undergo thermal imaging.
  • Verify your information on the App.
  • Verify your certified PCR test results.
  • Proceed to Immigration & Customs.


  • Check in.
  • Proceed to baggage claim.
  • Proceed to customs.
  • Proceed to your flight or ground transport.

Stay in the Country

  • Check in to your hotel
  • Daily check-in with the App.
  • Abide by social distancing when departing Belize.

It is strongly encouraged that you take a COVID-19 PCR test before making it into Belize. Passengers failing to do so must pay for testing at BZE and positive results will entail a quarantine at their own cost.

visitor process before visiting belize

The Belize Health App

This app simplifies the screening, tracing and verification of guests. You are required to register on the app before traveling to Belize and it will cut some time out of our time at the airport; those who fail to register before arrival will have to do so at the airport, making their time within its walls even longer.

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