Life in Belize

Life in Belize

Nowadays many people consider retiring to a tropical location, or a second home abroad. One option that draws consideration from North Americans is Belize. They have heard about the wonderful climate and low cost of living. Beyond these vague generalities, what is it really like to live in Belize?

The first thing you should know is that Belize was a former British colony. It gained its independence in 1981 and is a parliamentary democracy. However, it is still a Commonwealth of Nations member and considers Queen Elizabeth II to be its titular head of state. Thanks to this heritage, Belize’s legal system is based on British law. Additionally, English is the official language in the nation.

This makes it much easier for North Americans hoping to live or buy real estate in Belize. The government is stable and the legal system seems straightforward. Since all official documents are in English, nothing gets lost in translation. There are also no restrictions for foreigners who would like to buy or sell property in Belize.

Additionally, for qualifying individuals, the government of Belize has made it easier to relocate to the country through its generous residency program. This welcoming attitude towards foreigners extends to the locals who are known for their friendliness and who are themselves a mix of many different cultures.

Belize faces the Caribbean on the east and is juxtaposed between Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and Guatemala to the west. In addition to its traditional Maya roots, it has been influenced by Caribbean and Mestizo cultures. Furthermore, groups of Mennonites immigrated here after 1958. All of these diverse populations add to the cultural landscape.

Additionally, several vibrant expat communities have sprung up in locations such as Placencia, Corozal and Ambergris Caye. Many newcomers are drawn by the relative affordability of beach front property as well as the ease of doing business. They also appreciate the low cost of living, the reliable high-speed internet and the varied regional and ethnic cuisines.

Of all the possible communities to choose from, Salt Life Belize in Ambergris Caye is one of the best places to live, own a second home or buy real estate.

Located in the town of San Pedro on “La Isla Bonita”, Salt Life Belize provides the best value for your money. The island’s newest community encompasses over 50 acres. Residents will enjoy a full-service resort, fly fishing lodge, and beach club as well as on-site restaurants, bars and tour outlets. Phase I of the project will be online this year. That makes now the time to come on board, while there are still bargains to be had in this distinctive and modern resort community.

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