Top Reasons Why You Should Invest In Belize Real Estate in 2020

There’s a popular place on the Caribbean Rim that hides the fact that there is still affordable property available to investors and retirees. Keep reading if we’ve piqued your curiosity!

Suppose somebody told you that you can invest or purchase property at the most popular destination in Central America. Would you ignore the remark, worrying that any place that’s popular is going to be too expensive for your budget—-or will your curiosity trigger many more questions? Wise investors will want to know more, especially when they learn that this destination is Ambergris Caye where the hottest property in Belize is located.

Sound intriguing? You’re our kind of traveler and your reward is learning more about the island and surprising investment opportunities at Ambergris Caye’s Salt Life Belize community ( Check out 10 compelling reasons to take a second (and third) look at this gorgeous development, slated to open early in 2020.

1. Ambergris Caye is Belize’s largest island. It’s the sublime location Madonna sang about when she introduced the world to this corner of paradise.

2. Everything a retiree or investor desires is found on Ambergris Caye: quaint towns, luxurious resorts, and eateries that range in cuisine options from gourmet dining to yummy ethnic food stalls.

3. Real estate values on Ambergris Caye are impressive thanks to a burgeoning tourism industry that makes San Pedro a one-of-a-kind town beloved by travelers, ex-pats and investors alike.

4. Everything about real estate transactions in Belize is understandable since the legal system is based on the British model and English is the nation’s first language.

5. Capital gains taxes and real estate taxes? Not for you. Belize’s open invitation to invest means no earnings taxes, either. Invest. Watch your property appreciate. Belize’s income tax schedule for rental income? About 1.75-percent annually.

6. If expanding your holdings portfolio is your goal, rental property on Ambergris Caye is top drawer, the nightly rental market is strong, and owners enjoy an unusual amount of flexibility for their own personal needs.

7. Folks ready for retirement are regularly shocked to read about the nation’s Belize QRP (Qualified Retirement Program) where retiree status is conferred upon ex-pats as soon as they celebrate their 45th birthday.

8. If asset protection is a primary driver of your real estate investment plan, you’ve found your haven since property ownership by U.S. citizens is protected from litigation.

9. Prestigious magazines like “U.S. News and World Report” consistently recognize Belize and Ambergris Caye as Central America’s top investor and retiree hub and authoritative travel websites agree that Belize is unrivaled.

10. Time and distance make Belize convenient. Plane rides take just a few hours, yet Belize’s exotic vibe makes visitors feel as though they had traveled a great distance. Returning home is a breeze. Airlines are doubling down on Belize routes to handle growing traffic.

Come see for yourself how much value, excitement, luxury and gorgeous year-round weather add all of the best elements to your search for investment property that meets every criteria a savvy investor seeks.

The most recent investment opportunity making headlines on Ambergris Caye is Salt Life Belize where all 10 of the aforementioned benefits can be yours and much more. In fact, you can come for a three-day fact-finding visit courtesy of Salt Life Belize’s developer for just $600 to verify your hunch.

Salt Life Experience Tours are limited and popular, but no amount of reading substitutes for a visit, which is why investors are grabbing up these opportunities: Will you book your place before all of these slots are filled?  

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