Top 10 Things To Do in Belize

Top 10 Things To Do in Belize

There is so much do do in Belize, your biggest problem will be narrowing it down! In this guide, we help you out by picking the top 10 things you should try.

Visit an ancient Maya Ruin

Once the center of the Maya civilization, Belize has amazing ancient sites for you to visit. Check out the pyramids of Altun Ha, the royal acropolis at Cahal Pech or the unique ruins of Caracol.

Visit Belize’s Jaguar Preserve

The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve is the only preserve in the world for jaguars. It’s also home to Victoria Peak, which is the second highest mountain in Belize at 3,675 feet.

Explore the World’s Second Largest Barrier Reef

Here you will find world class diving, including the famous Blue Hole. If you’re not a diver, you can still snorkel or swim among schools of tropical fish, or get close to gentle nurse sharks and enormous manta rays.

Relax on the Beach

What is a vacation without a little beach time? With miles of coastline and many islands, Belize has an abundance of beautiful sandy beaches for you to enjoy.

Go to the Zoo

Less than an hour from Belize City is a wonderful zoo where you can meet Belize’s native species in their natural habitat. Because some of them, including the elusive jaguar, are shy, it’s best to go at mealtimes or early in the day.

Visit a Mennonite Settlement

Belize is home to many cultures from native Maya to more recent arrivals from Lebanon, India and China. Among the most unique are the Mennonites, who still live in traditional communities.

Shop the local markets and restaurants

Try the garnaches, a fried corn tortilla smothered with beans, cabbage chutney and Dutch cheese, or the panades, which are corn pockets stuffed with meat or fish. You can also buy fresh organic produce and check out the many hand crafted and other unique items.

Zip line through a jungle canopy

Can you imagine flying among the tropical birds on a zip-line tour of the jungle? This is one activity you must try!

Tube through a Cave

Allow a trained tour guide to help you explore the Maya cave networks while you relax in an inner tube.

Make your own xocolatl

We have the Mayas to thank for chocolate. Archaeologists believe that as early as 900 AD they used it to create a frothy drink. You can take a step back in time and make your own by taking a chocolate tour.

Of course, if you live in Belize, you will not have to restrict yourself to just a few activities. There are also jungle waterfalls, village festivals, river cruises… really there are endless possibilities for adventure and enjoyment.

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