Sports in Belize


Sports in Belize

While Belize may not come to mind when thinking of countries known for their excellence in a sport, like Canada with Hockey or the US with its American football, Belize is still fond of sports and its athletes train just as hard as any other country’s. The International Olympic Committee oversees the country’s involvement in the Olympic Games while the Belize Sports Council governs all domestic sporting events.


It is an easy claim to say that soccer is the go-to pastime sport for Belizeans, regardless of whether they have access to a traditional soccer field-beach soccer is a common pursuit.

If you ever have the chance to sit in the stands during a soccer match in Belize, you are in for a treat. The sheer enthusiasm and raucous energy generated by the crowd makes football seem like a church social. Belizeans love their soccer and you are bound to find lots of people enjoying all sorts of events surrounding a match.


Softball is another popular sport, especially within the Belize and Cayo Districts of the country. Belize has tournaments at both the local and national levels. Women’s softball teams have been some of the best sports competitions within the Caribbean and Central American areas of the game. While men’s teams are working to reach the same level as the women’s teams, they are just as fun to watch.


If soccer is the number one sport in Belize, basketball wins second place among her people. The Belize Basketball Association (BBA) is the sole organization overseeing the sport throughout the country. Basketball leagues go up to the semi-professional tier. Just about every neighborhood will have at least one basketball court thanks to instilling an interest in the sport when Belizean children are still young. Despite this interest, Belize has not yet been a participant in the sport at the Olympic level.

Other Sports

Several other sports have become notable for the level of interest Belizeans have.

  • Canoeing is certainly viable with the many waterways that wind through the country.
  • Cycling is also popular due to how many different terrains it is possible to ride through.
  • Tennis.
  • Cricket. Much like with India, Belize’s interest in cricket began with its time as a British commonwealth.

At the end of the day, if you love a sport there is a good chance that you can find some people to join you for a match. Furthermore, if you are looking for a place to retire in Belize, consider Salt Life Belize; it is as a great place for any North American retiree to live and enjoy their golden years.

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