Are there really only two seasons in Belize?

Are there really only two seasons in Belize?

Most countries are used to four seasons: spring, summer, spring and fall. As with many things about Belize, this small Central American country is an exception to what most people know. In truth, Belize really does only possess two seasons: “dry” and “green.”

The Dry Season aka “Tourist Season”

This season lasts between the start of December and the end of May. This is when temperatures are their lowest and also highest. December through February sees the coolest months yet March through May tends to see the hottest months of the year.

The Green Season (The Rest of the Year)

Belize resembles a typical subtropical locale around this time. Despite being known as “Low Tourist Season,” temperatures are quite fair and rainy days remain somewhat few and far between. The general rule is that there is more rain the further south you go. Northern Belize sees an average rainfall of around 60 inches while southern Belize sees as much as 160 inches.

Anyone who can put two and two together may realize that the green season overlaps with the Hurricane season. Despite this relationship, Belize has only seen one hurricane make landfall in recent history and that was a Category 1. Most hurricanes tend to travel further north than the Belizean coastline or suddenly change course from Belize to somewhere more northward.

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While The Seasons Describe Weather, That Weather is Not Isolated to Them

Despite having rigid green and dry seasons, rain or dryness can happen at any time. There are records of flooding during the dry season and months without a droplet from the sky during the rainy season. These meteorological quirks tend to relate to the transitional period between the seasons.

When Is The Ideal Time to See Belize?

Some have said that the last two weeks of November and first two weeks of December are best because they offer cool temperatures without the heavy presence of tourists. This window of time also means a reduced chance of rainy days.

How About a Second-Best Time?

Any time other than the months of April and May works. Those two months should be avoided as they come at the end of the dry season, making them the country’s hottest months. Anyone familiar with Florida’s weather will recognize Belize’s April and May to be just as Florida’s July and August.

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