This Enchanting Town In Belize Is Unlike Any Other In The World

This Enchanting Town In Belize Is Unlike Any Other In The World

San Pedro Town is a charming town in Ambergris Caye that draws both local Belizeans as well as those coming from other areas. It’s one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. The population of the town changes during the year depending on the season. Roughly two-thirds of the island’s total population live in or around San Pedro Town.

People in San Pedro speak both English and Spanish, but there is a large Hispanic population in the town. Tourism to the town itself has driven the economy in recent years. Sports fishing and diving remain popular, but many tourists come to explore the town itself.

Part of why visitors love San Pedro is the nostalgic beach vibe it has with colorful little houses perched on sandy streets overlooking the bright blue sea. Nearby, coconut palms sway peacefully in the breeze. It’s a picture-perfect scene that brings guests back again and again. San Pedro is the type of retreat that appeals to travelers who love exploring off the beaten path and also to expats who like natural spots with real local flavor.

Getting to San Pedro Town involves a 15-minute flight from Belize City. Even though it’s short, it gives you a bird’s eye view of the reef, lagoons and other cayes. If you’re coming from North America, you can expect a flight of several hours from major cities like Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, Newark and Toronto among others.

Weather on Ambergris Caye is quite comfortable year-round. The average temperature is usually in the mid-80s, and a soothing breeze off the Caribbean further mitigates the heat.

What kind of activities can you expect to find in San Pedro? Most visitors love to explore the surrounding marine areas, such as the reef, the Caribbean Sea, plus snorkeling opportunities as well as diving and fishing. The town itself has an active social life, and there are always events taking place in and around the town.

You can also get to nearby Maya ruin sites and other fun things on the mainland via the aforementioned 15-minute flight or speedboats. You’ll never run out of potential activities in San Pedro Town.

The atmosphere in San Pedro is very different from big resort towns. Locals and tourists alike meander through the town on foot or on bicycles. It’s not unusual to see many people barefoot. Walking on the nearby beach is both a day and night activity. When you visit San Pedro, you’ll quickly find yourself adjusting to San Pedro time and entering a more relaxed frame of mind.

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