belize national symbols

National Symbols of Belize

National Symbols of Belize There are many unusual birds, fish and animals who call Belize home. Over the years, a handful of them have become representatives of the country. Here’s a look at Belize’s national symbols. Keel-Billed Toucan The keel-billed toucan also sports the name “rainbow-billed toucan” because of its enormous bill striped in red, … Read More

belize economy

The Economy in Belize

The Economy in Belize Belize used to be known as British Honduras when it was a British colony. In those days, the economy centered on logging. Fine mahogany from the nation’s jungles was a main source of income until the 20th century. Over time, the slow-growing mahogany trees became harder to find, and it no … Read More

belize travel

The Joys of Traveling in Belize

The Joys of Traveling in Belize Belize is a small Central American country that offers amazing diversity. Whether you are an ecotourist or an adventurer, a history buff or beach lover, Belize will have something to pique your interest. Travel through the interior and you can experience Maya ruins, rainforests and waterfalls. There are many … Read More

The Belize Flag

The Belize Flag   If you’ve been in Belize in September, you have probably seen Belizean flags draped everywhere in celebration of Independence Day. The colorful flags symbolize Belize’s history and its hopeful future. Belize has been an independent nation since 1981. Part of its move to independence was the creation of a new flag. … Read More

Sports in Belize

Sports in Belize

  Sports in Belize While Belize may not come to mind when thinking of countries known for their excellence in a sport, like Canada with Hockey or the US with its American football, Belize is still fond of sports and its athletes train just as hard as any other country’s. The International Olympic Committee oversees the … Read More

retiring in belize

Retiring in Belize? Consider These Real Estate Options

Retiring in Belize? Consider These Real Estate Options Ambergris Caye, Belize – Given the number of retirees moving to Belize these days, folks considering the move wonder if their retirement incomes can afford them the lifestyle they seek. Thanks to Belize’s Qualified Retirement Program (available to ex-pats as young as 45), low cost of living and … Read More

Belize Maya Ruins

The Best Maya Ruins in Belize

The Best Maya Ruins in Belize Belize was once home to one of the greatest civilizations in history. The Maya empire lasted hundreds of years and gave the world many advanced concepts in mathematics, engineering, astronomy and agriculture. The Maya built vast, impressive cities whose ruins dot the landscape of Belize today. If learning about … Read More

How to Have a Happy & Stress Free Retirement Overseas

How to Have a Happy Retirement Overseas

How to Have a Happy Retirement Overseas When you think about your retirement, are you excited? What will you spend time doing? What kind of lifestyle will you be able to afford? The answers to these questions depend primarily on where you choose to live. If you choose a location that’s safe, has a low … Read More