The Qualified Retired Persons Incentive Program in Belize

If you are interested in retiring away to Belize, know that Belize is very interested in retirees. Belize’s government has done everything it can to make the process of relocating painless. Why does Belize have such a keen interest? Because expatriates and retirees bring a lot of money into the Belizean economy. The most notable program any Belizean retiree-to-be ought to know about is the Qualified Retired Persons Incentive Program (QRP).

About the QRP

The QRP was designed to expedite the process for certain individuals to become permanent residents of Belize. Applying for the QRP is done through Belize’s Board of Tourism, which relays the program’s requirements.

  • Open to any retiree of at least 45 years of age.
  • Can only have a spouse or minors as dependents; children up to age 23 can be allowed, provided they have a certificate of school enrollment.
  • Must have a pension or annuity of either $2,000/month or 24,000/year in U.S. dollars from a non-Belizean source.
  • Able to provide a written undertaking of depositing said pension or annuity within a licensed, Belizean financial institution.
  • Able to pass security clearance by the Ministry of National Security.
  • Must remain within Belize for at least 30 consecutive days a year.

QRP Benefits

  • The QRP Resident Card allows multiple visa-less entries into Belize for the holder and his dependents.
  • Duty exemptions for personal transport within the first year of acceptance within QRP, including personal effects, one boat, one aircraft weighing no more than 17,000 kg and one motor vehicle no more than 5 years of age.
  • Exemption of taxes and duties on all non-Belizean incomes.

Applying For The QRP

Applying for the program entails a non-refundable Application Fee of $150 USD. Should the applicant become accepted, he must pay a $1,000 USD fee for himself plus an additional $750 USD for each dependent and $200 USD to acquire his QRP Program Card. While all of these transactions call for US dollars, renewing one’s QRP status is a simple $50 Belizean.

Any QRP applicant must submit all of the following pieces of documentation.

  • Birth Certificates for the applicant and all dependents.
  • Marriage certificate in the event off applying for dependents and/or spouse.
  • Authentic Police Record from a previous residence within 1 month of applying.
  • Passports for all applicants and dependents.
  • Official bank statements proving the applicant meets the non-Belizean income QRP requirement.
  • A medical exam that also verifies the HIV status of all applicants and dependents.
  • Four recent profile photos, each taken from the passports of the applicant and all dependents.

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