How To Live And Work In Belize

How To Live And Work In Belize

If you’ve been thinking about moving to Belize after retiring, you have many options to make this happen. Whether you are looking for a seasonal home or want to make your move permanent, Belize makes it easy for U.S. and Canadian citizens to relocate and enjoy a tropical lifestyle. The newly-developed community of Salt Life Belize in Ambergris Caye is a great place to search for your retirement home.

Belize Qualified Retired Person Program

If you’re retired and over the age of 45, the QRPP is an ideal way to easily live in Belize. Upon approval, you will receive special residence status. This allows you to freely travel back and forth as much you want while only having to live 30 consecutive days in Belize. You will also be exempt from paying any taxes on income generated outside of Belize and from import duties on goods brought to Belize during the first year of the program. This includes vehicles, boats, and furniture. To qualify, you will need to demonstrate a steady income of at least $2,000 a month or have proof of retirement savings or investments of $24,000 a year.

Permanent Residency

For those of you who have yet to retire or are too young to qualify for the QRPP, you will need to apply to be a permanent resident to live in Belize. Under a tourist visa, you must spend about one year and at least 14 consecutive days living in Belize. You will be required to renew your visa every 30 days for up to one year. Applying for permanent residency requires showing proof of sufficient finances to live in Belize. Once you’ve decided this is the right course for you, start the process early in your visit because it may take anywhere from a few months up to a year. Permanent residences can work in Belize and travel freely.


You can apply to become a citizen after living in Belize as a permanent resident for five years. You will be issued a Belizean passport with which you can travel freely in and out of the country. If you marry a Belizean citizen during your visit or residency, you automatically qualify to apply for citizenship.

Work Permits

If you aren’t a resident or citizen, you still may be able to work in Belize. You must apply for one of two types of work permits. The self-employed work permit allows you to have a business with the assumption that it will benefit the local economy. The general work permit allows you to be an employee. Either permit is required and allows you to apply for permanent residency after working for two years.

When you decide to relocate to Belize, investing your retirement dollars is safe and easy. As a non-native property owner, you are granted the same rights and privileges as Belizean natives. Salt Life Belize has a wide variety of properties to fit every taste and budget, from studio apartments to two-bedroom condominiums. Your retirement money will go far and opportunities abound for the person looking to work or start a business in Belize. Contact Salt Life Belize to get more information or to schedule a visit.

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