A New Life In Belize. Are You Ready?

A New Life In Belize. Are You Ready?

 You’ve already made the biggest decision when choosing Belize as your retirement location. Adjusting to a new culture and lifestyle won’t be a breeze, but fellow ex-pats will help you fit in fast.

Moving to a new city is confusing enough. Moving to a different country can seem daunting at first. But Belize is unique among nations in Central America. English is the first language courtesy of Brits who ran the nation for decades, everyone takes U.S. dollars and your neighbors are likely to come from somewhere in the U.S., too.

How can you be assured of finding a retirement home with many more benefits? By choosing a new community like Salt Life Belize outside San Pedro, the most exciting town on Ambergris Caye. Because it’s easier to retire in Belize than elsewhere, these five tips will verify your hunch that Belize is the place you are meant to be.

1. Shopping for food won’t be like your current supermarket experience. Local shops may stock fresh fruit and veggies, but they are costly. Fortunately, Belize’s cost of living is so easy on the budget, you can live like royalty on a modest amount of money.

2. Visit before you retire. One tour of Salt Life Belize is likely to convince you that renting (if you can find a place) makes no sense when you can start building equity immediately. Residents moving into Stage 1 units at Salt Life Belize affirm this wisdom and you can trust the U.S.-born developer to deliver high-quality construction.

3. Retirement in Belize can mean pursuing relaxation or continuing to work if that’s your thing. While you decide, you’ll be asked to extend your stay, apply for residency or investigate the Qualified Retirement Program (QRP) to see what makes sense for your future.

4. Mobility matters. Golf carts, bicycles and water taxis get you around Ambergris Caye, especially for retirees eager to be free of car repairs, expensive fuel and car insurance. Once accepted into the QRP program, you can bring a golf cart down duty- and tax-free. You may not want to bother by then!

5. Expect culture shock. Anthropologists doing field work almost always suffer culture shock; it’s part of human nature. There’s a learning curve new retirees experience that can concern small and large matters directly tied to Belize culture. Practice the Zen of Belize. Belizeans are the kindest, nicest, most welcoming people on earth. You’re coming into their world. Making adjustments is easier than you imagine.

The secret to fitting in and accommodating to the Belize lifestyle is no mystery: Find the right place to buy a retirement home like Salt Life Belize and everything will fall into place. This sparkling waterfront community sprawls across 50 acres. Condos and townhouses in various sizes and designs offer retirees myriad options, and since Salt Life Belize is designed as a community rather than a large subdivision, new residents can look forward to having a full service resort, fly fishing lodge, beach club, estate homes, restaurants, bars and tour outlets onsite.

Ambergris Caye offers proximity to everything a new resident wants to explore: the Belize Barrier Reef, jungles, rainforests, ancient ruins and caves that were once the ritual sites of Maya priests and a variety of sporting and cultural activities. Best of all, Salt Life Belize offers retirees a ready-made gaggle of like-minded friends. Rest assured, you won’t be the new kids in town for very long.

Seeing is believing. A visit surpasses photos. Contact the friendly Salt Life Belize staff and ask all of the questions you like using this toll-free number: 1-800-669-6970. We look forward to seeing you sooner rather than later!

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