Is It Easy To Move To Belize?

Is It Easy To Move To Belize?

If Belize is on your list of possible places to retire, you might be wondering how easy it is to move there. What do you need to know about buying property, life in Belize and the expatriate community? Here’s a brief guide on moving to Belize.

Buying Property Is Easy

You don’t have to be a citizen to buy property here. The Belize government makes it attractive for foreigners to buy homes and businesses here.

English is Belize’s official language, and it’s easy to do business here.

Easy Living

Most expatriates experience a boost in their physical and emotional health when they move to Belize. There are many reasons for this.

They stay active. Belize’s great weather makes it easy to walk, swim, bike and enjoy other types of exercise. Take a yoga class on the beach, visit a fitness center or play some beach volleyball.

They’re more social. The friendly expatriate community and warm, friendly Belizeans make people feel at home right away. Many people are too busy enjoying life with their new friends to miss their old lives.

They lose the stress. The laid-back lifestyle and “go slow” attitude of Belize are great for reducing stress. With no skyscrapers, chain restaurants or rush hour traffic, life in Belize is easy.

Belize Is an Affordable Paradise

If you want the laid-back tropical lifestyle in your golden years, Belize is the place to do it. Although property prices continue to rise, Belize is still affordable compared to favorite expatriate destinations like Costa Rica and Panama. It’s certainly far more affordable than a similar lifestyle in the US or Europe would be.

Belize offers expatriates the chance to fulfill their dreams of life in a tropical paradise. It is a small, safe and stable country. Gorgeous scenery is everywhere, and the weather is warm all year.

Belize Is Booming

Belize has become enormously popular as a vacation destination for travelers who want wild, eco-friendly adventures in a pristine wilderness setting. Belize has made conservation of its many ecological treasures a priority, and travelers enjoy clear water, clean beaches, slow development and abundant wildlife.

Those same features also attract expatriates and retirees, who have discovered that owning property in Belize is smart. Thousands of expatriates from the US and Canada have built a thriving community in Belize. The steady stream of tourists will continue to push prices upward.

Make Salt Life Belize Your New Home

The best new development on gorgeous, desirable Ambergris Caye is Salt Life Belize. The new Salt Life development will be a self-contained community of condominiums, homes, restaurants, bars, retail stores and businesses. At Salt Life Belize, you can enjoy the beaches, laid-back lifestyle and gorgeous views of Ambergris Caye in a pristine setting.

Salt Life’s developer is an expatriate from the US who has been happily living in San Pedro for more than 30 years. If you want to experience the best of island living in Belize, contact the friendly staff of Salt Life Belize today!

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