Is Buying Property in Belize a Good Investment?

Is Buying Property in Belize a Good Investment?

Are you considering buying an investment or retirement property in Belize? Whether you want to live on the beach year-round or buy a property that you can rent out, Belize offers great opportunities.

Doing Business in Belize Is Easy, Especially for North Americans

One major difference is that Belize is an English-speaking country. English is the official language for all business transactions. You’ll never have difficulty reading documents, conducting business, reading contracts or understanding legal procedures. You won’t need to hire translators or interpreters.

A second reason is that Belize is familiar in key ways. Its status as a former British colony means that its laws and regulations will be familiar to buyers from the US, Canada, and the UK.

The process of buying a house is similar to buying a property in the US. Some foreign countries have confusing title regulations that can leave you in legal limbo. In Belize, you will have a fee simple and a clear title. You can conduct most of the process online or on the phone if you hire a local real estate agent.

Third, Belize’s currency is easy to understand. The Belize dollar is permanently pegged to the US dollar at 2:1. You never have to worry about figuring out exchange rates, obsessively watching rate changes or figuring out pricing.

In short, buying a property in Belize is easy and uncomplicated.

Belize Continues to Attract Investors, Retirees, and Tourists

Interest in Belize has grown steadily over the past decade. Unlike other countries that experience political or economic stability that leads to shifts in population, Belize is a stable country. Once people move here, invest here or start a business here, they can be assured that their property’s value will continue to grow.

Retirees have largely flocked to Placencia in the south and Ambergris Caye in the northeast. The island of Ambergris Caye offers an outstanding blend of pristine nature, beachfront living, and modern amenities. Its capital town, San Pedro, is a cultural, business and entertainment hub for Belize.

The travel world has recently begun to focus attention on Belize as a destination for eco-tourism and adventure travel. That has brought an increase in tourism and ongoing interest in Belize. If you own property here as an investment, you’ll have no trouble renting it out.

The future continues to look bright for Belize and for the many expatriates and retirees who now call it home.

Discover Salt Life Belize, the Best New Development in Ambergris Caye

The best new development on gorgeous, desirable Ambergris Caye is Salt Life Belize. This new development will be a self-contained community of condominiums, homes, restaurants, bars, retail stores, and businesses. At Salt Life Belize, you can enjoy the beaches, laid-back lifestyle and gorgeous views of Ambergris Caye in an unspoiled setting.

The developer of Salt Life Belize is an expatriate from the US who has been happily living in San Pedro for more than 30 years. If you want to experience the best of beachfront living in Belize, contact Salt Life Belize today.

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