Is Belize Safe?

Is Belize Safe?

When you choose where to go on vacation, safety is an important factor. It’s even more important when you choose where to live permanently. Many expatriates have fallen for Belize’s scenic beauty and laid-back lifestyle. They also like that it’s a safe place to set down roots.

Here is a list of safety tips to keep into consideration whether you want to live or vacation in Belize:


The water is generally safe to drink from the tap however you can always choose bottled water if you’re concerned. Bottled water is widely available at any store in Belize.


Cash (including US dollars) is definitely the preferred way of doing business in Belize, although you can use credit cards at grocery stores, hotels and restaurants. Nonetheless, follow standard precautions and avoid carrying a lot of cash with you.


Over the years, there have been reports of dengue and malaria but it’s fairly rare in Belize. All of these diseases are transmitted by mosquitos. Even if they don’t get you sick, mosquitos are pretty ubiquitous in Belize, so be sure to bring insect repellant. Hotels and resorts in Belize will either have air-conditioning or mosquito nets to let you sleep comfortably at night.

Belize Health Care

Belize has a very good and affordable health care system.

Pharmacies are found throughout the country and you can easily buy over the counter products for minor issues like fever and headaches.

Crime and Safety

Crime exists everywhere on earth, but rates of violent crime are low here. Belize is a largely rural, sparsely populated country. It is politically stable and friendly to visitors.

There is some violent crime, but most of it occurs in Belize City and most of that is related to warring drug gangs.

Outside of Belize City, you’ll mostly find petty crimes. You can avoid being a victim if you use common sense:

  • Don’t get intoxicated when you’re out in public.
  • Don’t wander around an unsafe area at night.
  • Always travel in pairs.
  • Never flash a wad of cash or expensive jewelry.
  • Don’t attempt to buy drugs or engage in prostitution. These activities are illegal in Belize.

Warm Weather and Sunshine

These are some of the things you like about Belize, but they’re also things that can hurt you. During hot, humid days, make sure you stay hydrated. Wear lightweight, breezy clothing and drink plenty of water. If you’re engaging in physical activity, go slowly.

Don’t let the bright sun burn you. Protect yourself with hats, sunglasses, long-sleeved shirts and sunscreen. Be sure to use sunscreen that is specifically marked as safe for reefs and marine life.

Is Belize Safe for Women?

Belize is safe for women. Use the same safety precautions you would use when visiting any country that’s new and unfamiliar. Don’t wander around alone at night. If you drink, keep an eye on your drink at all times. When you walk around, use a crossbody purse or hold your handbag close to your body.

Many women report that Belizean men frequently like to “cat call,” especially when the women are walking alone. The best approach is to ignore it and keep on walking.

Where To Live and Vacation in Belize

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