Belize in September! Here’s How Belizeans Celebrate

Belize in September! Here’s How Belizeans Celebrate

According to early history, Belize was once under Spanish rule before British settlers were allowed into the area.  However, during the week-long battle of St. Georges Caye in September 1798, the British fought the Spanish and eventually gained control over the territory. Belize, formerly called British Honduras, gained self-governance in 1964 and became fully independent on September 21st, 1981.

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Therefore, September is a special month in Belize full of parties, festivities, and activities that display the love and patriotism its people have for their country. There is a unique theme for the celebrations each year, and they run for at least two weeks in every part of the country. Some of the fun activities and celebrations you cannot miss every year during include:

The Battle of St. George’s Caye

It is celebrated on September 10th, which is now a national holiday that marks the beginning of the festivities. The day starts with radio stations playing patriotic music, and people dressed in red, white, and blue, which are the national colors. People gather in the town square for picnics and to watch public dances.

Live Music Concerts

If you love music concerts, then you will love to be in Belize every September. There are music concerts in every corner, including the local villages and the big towns. The events bring hundreds and thousands together with music that celebrates the country’s heritage, unity, and cultural diversity.

Independence Day Parades

The parades and marches begin in early September and lead up to the independence day. You can expect to find shows that feature bands, marchers, and floats in every Belizean village and town. It is also easy to spot cultural dressing and fireworks at night.

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Kids’ Festivals

There is something for everyone in Belize, including your little ones. There are many kinds of programs for your children, and one of the common ones is the talent competition specifically for playing and singing patriotic tunes and instruments. These are fun for the participants and audience alike.

The Expo

The Expo is the most popular independence day event in Belize that attracts over 15,000 people. Participate in the two-day by singing, dancing, and indulging in the unique Belizean cuisine. It is also the perfect place to get the ideal souvenirs and enjoy exceptional shopping experience. You will also enjoy the flag-raising ceremonies and carnivals in September. There is no better time to visit Belize for some fun and partying. Come early for a chance to enjoy a variety of events.

One of the best places in Belize to celebrate Independence Day is  the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye that inspired Madonna’s song, “La Isla Bonita”. Not only is it a great place to have fun but it is also an amazing tropical oasis to unwind, retire and live. Here, both locals and tourists can enjoy a variety of festivals throughout the year.

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