Belize, The #1 Place To Buy Real Estate

Belize, The #1 Place To Buy Real Estate

Only a short distance from many major cities in North America, Belize is a popular travel destination for travelers around the world.

The country is also the number one place to purchase real estate. Do you know why you should buy real estate in this country?

Check out these reasons why Belize is a great place to live, retire, and buy property.

Amazing Beauty

Many people purchase real estate in Belize simply because of the country’s amazing and mesmerizing beauty. In fact, the country is sometimes referred to as one of Mother Nature’s best-kept secrets.

Since Belize boasts beautiful weather almost every day of the year, it’s a great place to enjoy fun, outdoor activities such as cave tubing, zip-lining, and much more.

The Belize Barrier Reef is always a popular attraction, featuring sparkling turquoise waters with an amazing marine life. Many people enjoy exploring this area by scuba diving and snorkeling. The Belize Barrier Reef is also a top place for fishing.

Easy Access

If you want to have the option of flying in and out of Belize, you’ll love that there are several direct flights to this country from the USA and Canada.

Since the country is so accessible, roughly 1 million people visited last year. The number of overnight guests is only expected to rise in the future.

Stable Government

For almost 40 years, the country has been operating as a commonwealth, often resembling Canada’s political structure.

When you purchase real estate in Belize, you can gain much peace of mind knowing that the government is stable.

Financial Rewards

Did you know that the average cost of living in Belize is almost 28 percent less than residing in the United States?

More specifically, rent is nearly 75 percent less than living options in the United States. These stats were taken from

As a property owner, you’ll also be relieved that the country does not charge capital gains or estate tax.

Clearly, owning real estate in Belize comes with many financial gains.

Attractive Retirement Program

If you plan on retiring in Belize, you may be interested in the country’s Qualified Retirement Program or QRP.

There are several benefits to this program, but the most attractive advantage is that you’ll experience several tax breaks on the personal belongings that you would like to bring to the country.

No Language Barrier

Many people are unaware that Belize is the only Central American country where everyone speaks English. The reason is that English is the official language of Belize.

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