The Best Place To Buy A Vacation Home in Belize

The Best Place To Buy A Vacation Home in Belize

Ambergris Caye – For consumers coming to the conclusion that pricey travel adventures to foreign lands and equally pricey domestic vacations aren’t getting as much return on investment as they would if they purchased a vacation home, Belize has proven to be the ideal solution to this dilemma. This small nation offers big advantages and incentives, which is why the country’s vacation home market has been experiencing dramatic growth.

“People are looking for more value in addition to their eagerness to see the world,” says Scott Fuson, Salt Life Belize sales director. “They spend $10K on an overseas trip and have nothing to show for it when they return. Vacation home shoppers find in Belize an exotic location that’s got everything: warm weather year-round, English is the nation’s first language and Belize can be as close as a 2-hour plane ride away. These facts are not lost on vacation home shoppers.”

What attracts so many vacation home buyers to Belize?

• Tax advantages
• An option of rental income when not occupying the home
• Proximity to the U.S. for return visits
• Long-term profits and real estate appreciation
• Large numbers of U.S. ex-pats create immediate communities
• One tropical destination to gather family and friends
• An established residence for retirement down the road.

“When we tell vacation home shoppers visiting Salt Life Belize about all of those benefits — and more — they usually tell us that they had no idea they could find this much bounty so close to home. The fact that our community has begun to grow so fast as our first homeowners move into their beautiful condos impresses visitors, and not everyone joining the Salt Life Belize family comes from states that turn frigid each winter!”

Fuson notes that there is a shortlist of reasons most browsers turn into buyers, even after a brief visit. Location on Ambergris Caye, the most desirable address in Belize, attracts some while the nation’s raw beauty and attractions calls to others.

“Ambergris Caye is very close to the Great Barrier Reef, we’ve got some of the most amazing animal sanctuaries in Central America and Belize culture contributes to the list of reasons people buy vacation homes here,” adds Fuson. “There are plenty of financial benefits to homeownership, too, and for folks scheduling frequent getaways to escape the pressure and stress of jobs and obligations, our jungles, rainforests, islands and welcoming people make it the ideal place to purchase a vacation home.”

Salt Life Belize offers experience tours to home shoppers that are both affordable and enlightening. For $600 per person, guests are treated to three full days in Belize so they see why Salt Life Belize has become the trendiest new property in town and to find out what island living is like.

For further information about the tour or to learn more about acquiring vacation property at Salt Life Belize, visit or call the development’s toll-free number: 1-800-669-6970.

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