Belizean Food – Another Great Reason to Live and Retire in Belize

Belizean Food – Another Great Reason to Live and Retire in Belize

One of the many reasons to retire or live in Belize is the delicious food. Belize has access to an abundance of locally grown and organic food, which means that local chefs can create amazing dishes. The excellent climate and fertile soil are factors that allow Belize to produce a wide variety of fresh vegetables and juicy fruits. Along with the bare essentials, Belize is also a melting pot of cultures between Maya, Mexican, British and Caribbean. Add in the incredible amount of locally-caught seafood and Belize cuisine is truly a gourmet experience.

Rice and beans is one of the staple dishes of Belize. It consists of rice, beans, and meat to add flavor and substance. The meat is usually chicken, beef, lobster, or pork and is cooked with savory local herbs and delectable coconut milk. It’s easy to see why this is one of the favorite meals of Belize residents and visitors alike.

Fruit cake is another popular dish in Belize. The dessert has European origin but is made deliciously local with the addition of rum. Belize is home to many rum distilleries, so local fruit cake is always flavored with the best local rum.

Cashew wine might be mostly unknown outside of Belize, but it’s very popular within the country. Cashews grow widely throughout Belize, but it’s not the cashew nut that makes the wine. Instead, the wine is made from the tree’s fruit. The result is a mild-tasting wine that pairs well with a wide variety of local Belize dishes.

Ceviche is traditionally a South American dish, but it gets a local twist in Belize. Locally sourced shrimp or conch is marinated in tartly sweet lime juice and then diced. The fish is mixed with onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers before being refrigerated to prepare a delicious appetizer or meal for dinner or lunch.

Chimole is a mixed dish of both Mexican and Mayan cultural traditions. The result is a savory chunky stew made with chicken and local spices. The dark color gives it the colloquial name of black dinner.

Salbutes is a popular snack food in Belize. It’s made from small corn tortillas that are fried and then topped with an a romatic mix of hot sauce, chicken, avocado and cabbage.

Belize tamales are something you have to try if you’re in Belize. They’re different from Mexican tamales in that they’re wrapped in plantain leaves instead of corn husks. The inside is filled with hot and steamy cornmeal and meat.

Garnache is a similar snack to salbutes, but these tiny tortillas are fried even longer until they’re crunchy. They are then topped with a variety of ingredients, which include cheese, onions and beans.

Fry jacks are the breakfast food that you never knew you needed. Soft, puffy tortillas are combined with cheese and beans and sometimes meat to make the perfect easy breakfast food or snack.

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