Belize Will Be Waiting For You!

Belize Will Be Waiting For You!

In this time of crisis, where the pandemic seems to have paused life and placed us within an “infinite present,” it can feel like there may never be an escape from how things are right now. What is important to remember is that things will get better and when they do, the natural beauty and majesty of Belize will still be around for you to partake. After all, Belize was the last country in the Americas to report any cases of COVID-19 and the first to report no active cases.

You Will be Able to Explore

Belize has some of the most diverse biomes in the Americas, meaning you can pick a different environment to explore for every day of the week.

  • You can go canoeing along jungle rivers.
  • Trek through numerous Maya ruins.
  • Don a snorkel or some scuba gear and investigate the underwater life that calls the Belize Barrier Reef home.
  • Walk along the sugar-white sandy beaches.
  • Hike up the mountains only to dive into the pool of one of the country’s many waterfalls.

You Will Be Able to Enjoy Yourself

Belize has many wonderful varieties of food and drink to enjoy, ideally with friends you know or people you would like to make friends with.

  • You can knock back a cold Belikin beer in a bar.
  • Conch fritters are a delicious dish that comes from the sea and in season for two-thirds of the year.
  • Maya caldo wraps can be filled with all sorts of delicious meats and vegetables.
  • A Kriol “boil up” consists of a boiled mixture of eggs, fish, cassava, yams, and other ingredients within tomato sauce and served to large crowds.
  • If you have ever heard of “fry cakes,” Belize has its own version in the fry jack. Fry jacks are a common breakfast food, often paired with fried beans and either eggs or sausage.
  • The seaweed milkshakes is a surprisingly energizing beverage consisting of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, seaweed and milk. As long as you do not focus on the addition of seaweed, you should definitely give try it; your mouth will thank you.

If there is one thing to take away from this article, it would be that Belize will be here when you want to rejuvenate yourself from quarantine and isolation. One of the best places in Belize to really revive your spirit would be Salt Life Belize. Salt Life Belize is among the top destinations on Ambergris Caye and more than capable of satisfying anyone looking to live in the country, buy a second home or even spend their retirement years.

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