The Belize Weather – Another Reason Why People Choose to Retire in Belize


The Belize Weather – Another Reason Why People Choose to Retire in Belize

One of the many reasons more and more people are choosing to retire in Belize is the beautiful weather. Belize enjoys consistent temperatures year-round, and it has only two seasons: the wet season and dry season. The hottest months are mitigated by cool sea breezes and the large areas of jungles and rainforest. Winter temperatures rarely go below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and summer temperatures typically stay around 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Take a look at the monthly weather in Belize:

– January sees daytime highs of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and lows at night around 70. The weather is usually dry and sunny with clear skies.

– February has the same highs and lows as January with mild days and cooler nights.

– March sees slightly higher daytime highs of 83 and lows at night of about 74. This is the peak of the dry season with clear skies during the day and night.

– April has a slight increase in the daytime and nighttime temperatures of 85 and 76 respectively. This is the start of the Iguana Rains, which is a local description for the brief morning showers that happen during this month. Otherwise, the days are usually sunny and warm.

– May sees highs during the day of 87 and lows at night around 79. Thunderstorms may happen at night during this month, but the days are hot and sunny.

– June gets a small reprieve in daytime temperatures with a high of 86, but the night lows are around 82. June weather is pleasant and breezy with the occasional brief rain shower in the afternoon.

– July sees daytime highs around 86 and lows at night of 79. Most mornings have rain showers, and thunderstorms may happen at night. The days are usually hot and sunny.

– August offers warm daytime highs of 86 and lows at night around 78. This is sometimes called the small dry period as it sees a break from the rain of the previous months.

– September continues with daytime highs of 86 and lows at night around 77. The rain picks up again at night during this month and continues into the early mornings. However, the days are still warm and mostly sunny.

– October brings in lower daytime temperatures of around 81 and night lows around 79. Winds from the north come in to bring plenty of rain and cooler daytime temperatures.

– November ushers in the cooler period with daytime highs of 76 and night lows around 73. The rains taper off to start the dry season and the coolest month of the year.

– December offers plenty of sun during the day with pleasant highs around 80. The nights are nice and cool with lows around 71.

As you can see, Belize weather stays remarkably consistent all year long with mostly sunny days and plenty of warm temperatures. It’s the perfect spot for retirees and investors to buy property in places like Salt Life Belize in Ambergris Caye.

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