3 Essential Tips For Purchasing Belize Real Estate

3 Essential Tips For Purchasing Belize Real Estate

Many people dream of having a vacation or retirement home in some pleasant tropical location. If this is something you’ve wished for, consider Belize.

Its relaxed lifestyle, temperate climate and low cost of living make it perfect for retirees. For those seeking a vacation home, the diversity of things to see and do is a real advantage. Plus, buying property here is relatively straightforward.

There are no restrictions on foreigners who wish to buy property in Belize. Additionally, since everyone speaks English, you’ll be able to communicate with prospective sellers and read contracts.

Given all of these advantages, it’s no wonder that the real estate market in this Central American country is booming. Intrigued? Here are 3 things to consider before you buy property here.

Figure out exactly what type of property you want.

Do you want a vacation home that can transition to a retirement home? A residence that can generate rental income when you’re not using it? Or a place that will have great re-sale value?

If you plan to retire in Belize, do you want to be part of a retirement community or would you prefer to live among the locals?

What type of activities interest you?

Are you interested in scuba diving, trekking the rainforest and taking cave tubing tours? Or would you rather have a place where you can just relax in a hammock while enjoying an island breeze?

How will you finance your property?

While property in Belize is surprisingly affordable, most buyers will still want financing. The best way to get it is often through a lending institute in your home country. However, this is not always the case.

When trying to get answers about finance options as well as things like taxes and fees, often a local agent is an invaluable resource. He or she can also help answer other questions you might have. And, of course, sometimes the best thing you can do is to visit in person before you finalize your decision to buy.

Salt Life Belize , which is the best place to live in Belize, has friendly and knowledgeable local staff that can answer all of your questions. We can also arrange for you to visit Belize on a Salt Life Experience Tour. For just a few hundred dollars, you’ll have 3 nights in luxury accommodations. You’ll be able to talk freely to locals and to fellow expats, tour the property and visit nearby sights. All of your meals, beverages and local transportation will be covered. You’ll even get a complimentary snorkeling trip!

You’ll soon discover why Salt Life Belize is considered the hottest property in town. It’s an upscale, yet affordable, community which provides residents every modern amenity.

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