Why is Belize considered a Caribbean country?

Why is Belize considered a Caribbean country?

Belize is a Central American country that is also considered a Caribbean country. Part of this is due to geography. While it shares a northern border with Mexico and a western and southern border with Guatemala, its East Coast faces the Caribbean Sea.

In addition to its Caribbean facing coastline, Belize experienced over 200 years of British rule. During its colonial period it was known as British Honduras. Therefore, it shares strong ties with many other parts of the Caribbean, particularly those in the Anglosphere. These ties can be seen by the fact that English is the official language of Belize and its legal system is based on the old British system. There are also economic and cultural connections between Belize and the rest of the Caribbean.

Some of these cultural connections are due to the many Africans that came to Belize in the 18th and 19th centuries. Just as in other parts of the Caribbean, there was a melding between the new cultures brought over from Africa by slaves and the older local culture. In Belize this synergy can be seen when visiting Garifuna and Creole enclaves which have a vibrant style of music, art and dance as well as unique culinary tastes.

In addition to the similarities in music and food, Belize shares the Caribbean laid-back vibe. “Island time” is relaxed and unhurried as visitors to the region have experienced.

Like the rest of the Caribbean, Belize has miles of white sand beaches and access to crystal clear turquoise water. It 450 islands experience soft sea breezes. This proximity to the ocean keeps the climate temperate.

After Belize gained independence from the British, it maintained its ties to the Caribbean community through CARICOM. This is similar to the EU in that members share a passport and economy.

Thanks to this membership, Belize actually has three regional affiliations. It’s a Caribbean nation. It’s part of the British Commonwealth, so that Queen Elizabeth is considered the titular head of state. And, it’s also a Central American country.

This gives visitors to Belize a chance to experience a truly unique culture shaped by many different influences. They can enjoy all the pleasures of a Caribbean vacation with world class diving, beaches and water sports. They can also experience unique adventures, as Belize is the only Caribbean country with Maya ruins and wildlife sanctuaries teeming with jaguars, pumas and tapirs.

Many visitors fall in love with Belize’s charms and decide they never want to leave. For those wanting to make it their permanent residence, Salt Life Belize is one of the best places. Located on “La Isla Bonita”, Ambergris Caye, it offers the pleasures of a Caribbean lifestyle while maintaining every modern convenience. Contact the friendly staff to find out more about this friendly community.

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