The Best-Tasting Beers in Belize

The Best-Tasting Beers in Belize

There’s nothing like enjoying an ice-cold beer after a day of hiking, sightseeing, scuba diving or hanging out on the beach. Tropical drinks are great, but sometimes you just want a crisp, cold blend of hops and barley. You’ll be happy to learn that Belize is a great place to grab a brew.

Belikin Brewery Is Proudly Belizean

Belize has its own brewery in Belize City. Belikin has been brewing several local favorites since 1969. The word “Belikin” comes from the Maya word for the Belize river, whose waters are used to brew this excellent beer.

Belikin is proud to be Belize’s only national brewery. Belikin’s motto, “Onli eena Belize,” is Kriol for “only in Belize.” Belizeans are proud of their local brew, and you’ll find Belikin in every restaurant, hotel and bar in the country.

Belikin has many varieties. It even has its own licensed version of Guinness Stout. Here are the current styles.

  • Belikin: This is a classic European-style beer with 4.8% alcohol..
  • Belikin Light: A lighter version of Belikin with 3.8% alcohol.
  • Belikin Premium: Two hop styles and malt give this heavier beer a distinctive flavor.
  • Lighthouse Lager: This Canadian-style beer has 4.2% alcohol.
  • Guinness Stout: Belikin is licensed to brew this popular Irish beer, but the Belikin version is sweeter and higher in alcohol.
  • Chocolate Stout: This seasonal brew celebrates world-famous Maya chocolate.
  • Sorrel Stout: This seasonal beer is a German-style beer made with German hops and locally grown sorrel.
  • Verano: This light-bodied pilsner is a summer seasonal.

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Other Caribbean Favorites

If you want to branch out from the Belikin options, you might enjoy these offerings from other Caribbean countries.

  • Red Stripe: This Jamaican classic is a crisp, fresh lager in a distinctive round bottle.
  • Kuhbuli: This smooth lager comes from the Dominican Republic.
  • Carib: This refreshing, light-bodied beer comes from Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Dragon Stout: This is an other Jamaican favorite. It’s dark and smooth.
  • Heineken: This European favorite is brewed in St. Lucia.

Enjoy Beers on the Beach Every Day

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