Ambergris Caye Belize Is The Best Place To Retire Right Now

Ambergris Caye Belize Is The Best Place To Retire Right Now

It’s easier than you imagine finding your retirement haven in a comfortable, affordable place filled with everything but stressors. It’s called Belize. You’ll call it unBelizeable.

When Ed and Cynthia realized that the stress they were experiencing in the U.S.was shortening their lives, they took the plunge and moved overseas. Had they grown weary of shoveling snow, commuting long distances to stressful jobs and trying to cope with the trappings today’s world dumps on hard-working citizens?

Not exactly. Their move came about after reading scientific studies calling stress “the silent killer.” Both realized that if they wanted things to change, they’d better get out of Dodge.

Couples feeling the same way are flocking to Belize in numbers surpassing record-setting expatriations in 2019. New developments are helping to fuel this trend and in terms of benefits, those relocating to Belize’s most popular spot, Ambergris Caye, are discovering affordable real estate like the area’s newest hot spot, Salt Life Belize.

“When my wife and I came to Ambergris Caye on vacation we had no intention of buying,” said John, an American condo owner at Salt Life Belize. “We knew that Ambergris Caye was the place everyone visited, but we thought real estate would be too pricey and said no to touring properties. Then we heard about Salt Life Belize. Let’s just say we were happily shocked!”

Salt Life Belize is a remarkable living concept located in San Pedro that was the dream of a U.S. developer who took his dream to the next step by purchasing 50 acres along the Caribbean shore and methodically launching the most ambitious real estate project Ambergris Caye has witnessed. The objective was more than building condominiums and townhouses; it was building an entire community from scratch.

“We were offered myriad choices that ranged from studio, 1- and 2-bedroom condominiums to 2-bedroom townhouse units. To be honest, when we saw how modern and gorgeous each unit was, we felt conflicted. Too many great choices” confessed John. “Our decision was made when we realized we couldn’t resist the gorgeous, fully-furnished condos, and having over 1,000-feet of living space and a balcony overlooking the sea sealed the deal for both of us.”

In addition to close proximity to pristine beachfront, access to sites like Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley and on-property amenities like a beach club, activity centers, pubs and eateries that are either on the drawing board or under construction have driven sales to both retirees and investors who know a fabulous development when they see it.

This area of Ambergris Caye blossoms with each passing week, an accurate reflection of Belize’s current healthy real estate market where home prices that have managed to stay viable and competitive. Investors are snapping up units to build their real estate portfolios and enjoying rental fees, too. This is the quintessential investment.

“We urge browsers not to wait,” added director of sales Scott Fuson.”More and more people are hearing about Salt Life and spreading the word. I have witnessed first hand how disappointed people can be when they learn they’ve made a buying decision too late,” Fuson added, urging interested parties to contact him now.

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