12 Essential, Surprising Facts About Moving to Belize

12 Essential, Surprising Facts About Moving to Belize

Vacationers and retirees are finding more than a vacation destination in Belize: The nation has become the trendiest place to settle down because ex-pats receive so many benefits and perks. For those starting to look at making a move to Belize, these 12 facts could seal the deal.

Fact #1: There is something for everyone in Belize. Living along the Caribbean Sea comes with weather, recreation and other benefits. Real estate located on Ambergris Caye is especially coveted by home shoppers.

Fact #2: Belize’s QRP (Qualified Retirement Program) is unique. Anyone over 45 can apply. Import a car, boat or plane without paying import duties or taxes. Ex-pats need only spend 50 weeks in Belize to maintain residency.

Fact #3: Purchase a home in Belize and enjoy low real estate taxes. Salt Life Belize, a community built by an American developer, offers state-of-the-art construction with a Caribbean vibe on a 50-acre parcel along the Caribbean coastline.

Fact #4: Proximity to the U.S. is only a few hours on major airlines, a benefit ex-pats love. “Who doesn’t want to return home for life’s big moments?” asks Scott Fuson, Salt Life’s sales director.

Fact #5: Home buyers receive the same ownership rights as do Belizean citizens. Hold title to your unit. This perk alone attracts Salt Life Belize condo purchasers.

Fact #6: Belize’s cost of living is affordable, even on Ambergris Caye, the trendiest address in country. Deposit $24,000 annually into a Belize bank account to qualify for QRP benefits and live comfortably on between $2,875 to $3,075 a month.

Fact #7 Belize’s legal system is founded on Great Britain’s system and English is spoken by everyone, so everything about your condo purchase is understandable.

Fact #8: Recreational activities within the Salt Life Belize community will include a full service resort and fly fishing lodge, beach club, estate homes, restaurants, bars and tour outlets. “We want to make sure residents have access to everything they desire to live a full, exciting life,” Fuson explained.

Fact #9: Despite being built in the most expensive area of Belize, pricing on Salt Life Belize condos start at $175K USD. Luxury, amenities, infrastructure and design achieve the developer’s aim of pairing American ingenuity with a Caribbean vibe.

Fact #10: Salt Life Belize condo owners enjoy proximity to Maya ruins, snorkeling and diving, jungles, forests and caves, so recreational opportunities are unlimited. “Home shoppers can’t believe how easy it is to move here,” added Fuson. “That’s exactly what we want to hear!”

Salt Life Belize is a unique development offering superior real estate in an area not known for affordability. Situated along the Caribbean Sea, condos are especially attractive to retirees eager to live among other ex-pats. Studio, 1 and 2 bedroom condominiums with on-water balconies and roomy interiors are available for occupation now, as the community’s Salt Beach Club moves toward completion by year’s end.

For more information, contact the Salt Life Belize sales team at (833) 627-0106; sales@saltlifebelize.com.

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